The Collins Group

We believe in people helping business get more customers.

How The Collins Group Began

The Collins Group was founded by Edward Collins. Ed’s deep and vast history in the direct marketing space coupled with his entrepreneurial underlying mentality, meant it only made sense to open the doors on The Collins Group.  

Today, the team at The Collins Group has over 50 years of experience and has had 1000s of years of experience thanks to the incredible people that have worked with the group. 

The Collins Groups Core Values

At The Collins Group we take pride in everything we do. Our team has matured and grown over the years and our core values are a product of our positive culture and success. 

Winning & Work Smart Culture

Work Ethic & Enthusiastic to Learn

Progression & Success Driven

Open Communication & Innovation

What Attributes Bring Us Success?

We never, ever, ever loose focus on what is important. We focus on high levels of good productivity and never let our eyes wonder away from the prize. 

The old cliché couldn’t be more accurate. The Collins Group is exactly that. A group of people working towards a common goal. When we achieve our goals both our clients and customers celebrate our success. 

You won’t get anything done sitting still and we never sit still at The Collins Group. We chase outcomes don’t let them come to us. 

At The Collins Group, we constantly work together in a collaborative environment to get the right outcome, everytime.